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Laika dog death

Russian officials on Friday unveiled a monument to Laika, a dog whose flight to space more than 50 years ago paved the way for human space missions. A view of Laika, Nov. 5, 1957, the female dog.

The main character in Abadzis' graphic novel is Laika, our first member of the astronaut 'tribe'. Using a blend of fiction with fact, the novel follows the dog from its birth on Earth to its death.

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In a cruel twist, no provision was made for Laika’s return to Earth; as planned, she died in space. Original reports were that Laika was put to sleep or died when life support batteries died after a week in orbit; more recent reports from Russia say that Laika died when the capsule overheated after four days or less in orbit. Extra credit.

Base de datos de pedigrí Russian-European Laika » VIVA-VENTA. Añadir; Listas. Lista; Mis notas; Favoritos; Testmating; Estadística; Nombre: Sexo.


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